Monday, June 14, 2010

Dragon Age: Fan Art

Here is my current Dragon Age Character. Her name is Olive, and she dreams of one day becoming Queen of Ferelden. I feel she will be a good Queen, always kind, and generous. Look here is a picture of her giving one of her team mates a new sword...

Olive: "Oooooooh SteeEEEEeen... I have a new sword for you"
Sten: "There is no way I will ever fight with that abomination of cutlery... I would be much better off fighting with a spork, or a kitten."
Olive: "But check it's stats, it really is amazing. And I do love having butterflies fly around me where ever I go."
Sten: "No"
Olive: "Well guess what, you have no choice, cause I control your inventory! And just for that, your running through the circle tower naked... with the sword! See how all those pretty boys in their dresses like your new rainbow butterfly sword!"
Sten: "I hate you"
Olive: "I love you too... Now where did Alistair go... I have something I want to show him in my tent..."

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